Thursday, January 21, 2010


"I used to have
Peace, serenity, teaching divinity
Break bread, sipping the blood, eating with enemies
Blind, pearl on my mind thinking we fittin' to be
This, that, and the third
Boy did I learn, tables turn" - Blu

Lies, lies, and depth
Disguised behind mannequins
Victorian skin burns with thrust of passion
Four fingers on an index
Categorizing that emotions are distance
Failure to accept a love that is truly non existent
Eyes touch, the soul of a homeless man's shoes are filled
No longer in need of the hold of Cupid's weld
Heart shielded from the passion
Emotions numb from injections 
Of musical abrasiveness from the mouths over trumpets
Ignorance dumb spit, the cure, confidence self sure
As the mind mills and it wonders, runs miles, ponders
Escaping the in decisions, heart a martyr
So currently heartless with the exception of chain
That bares an atrium, the replacement is not the same
And I understand that flesh can return like the phoenix
But I have sealed shut all the doors and burned all the kleenex
Dandelions unwanted, cracks cemented
I don't need this, these weeds dress as flowers
But when indisposed they are thorns with no rose
Naked while in clothes
Blouse, denim, and maroon lipstick
Lips thick with lies, lies, and depth

A kiss is only the passing of a breathe

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