Thursday, December 31, 2009


Checkerboard patterns lie on the left chest
Underneath the collar bone expressing distress
Players on both sides one red one black
One undecided one scarred
One timid one barred
Gravity restricting expression
All smiles will fall with time
Held down by an invisible force
All seeing eye observes a certain collapse

Demi god, semi nod
Expectations patiently waiting
For the fire to fizzle or the flames to be drown
By self doubts or selfishness 
Failure to succeed is their biggest wish
Will you give them this, give into this
Or chase a dream, living nightmares
ESCAPE from this, seems light years 
King me

Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Conversation with John Reuben

So yeah..

I got into an argument with a man named John Reuben
He said "I have no opinion" I said "Fair enough"
Been there before
No use in beating a broken down door
I asked of slippers, dreams and pumpkin carriages
He laughed, he wouldn't hear of it
I asked if he knew of a woman named Alice
Who enraged the Queen of my Heart causing malice
He grins, I smile, then shakes his head
I asked if he knew of a maiden with snow white skin
He says yeah she hasinsomnia my friend
Puzzled I reply "a lot on her mind?"
You should know though its been some time
Forced laughter erupts like a cuprunneth over
I understand
standing weary feeling the hands of father time on my shoulder
I asked if he knew a southern Belle
He said yes but she is broken like Liberty Bell
Oh well "do you know of a women of stature
With sapphire eye and an evergreen smile?"
"No, but I knew a witch until a house came down and killed that bitch"

My Life

Black lip stick and wet cigarettes
Box of match sticks and no lighter fluid
Just do it, Nike
Hands riddled with premature arthritis
Arsenic writer
Late night sessions with electronic type writer
Glow of an empty soul, sewn up
Reflection in the mirror, blurry
In need of corrective licenses
Heart heavy like a long drop
Perspective faded, truth lacks relativity
No Albert Einstein in my presence
Laughs, hugs..... shrugs
My life

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pokemon/Harry Potter/Twilight Rap

This is anti Edward Cullen, cock roaches crawling
This ain't for English class, this ain't for your moms friend
This is (insert name here) at hogwarts, bring a wand
Preferably one made with spell check, never wrong
This rhyme ain’t approved by p-e-t-a
All right this may offend my pokemon pets, okay
With my wand I test spells on pikachus
This should make pokemon masters go protest, “hey quit it dude”
Like Jacob Black I drop fangs in women
Edward Cullens sulking because he can’t get them
I know human beings are so tempting
I bit Renesmee (Reh-NEZ-may), her neck glistened
A werewolf, with more bite than bark
Steadily on the hunt for blood, land shark
Growl at the moon, spit black magic
This is death of mythical creatures, I have had it
(pause) cue the violins

Sunday, December 13, 2009


6 months ago depression was my enemy
No energy think an angel sent to me
She gets to me so I think I might write to her
But she doesn’t read me letter she wants my spoken word
So I speak on this beat lyrics tweak till they perfect
And her lips thin up top and the bottom they sit plumb
Covered in lip gloss
I was underneath my covers constantly exhausted at a loss
Breathing in exhaust in my path
Couldn’t face it
Mind Gone
Tough loss
Depression tastes like coffee grinds mixed with wet cigarettes
Maxi pads in ulcers
No soul death eater
Vultures swarm me
Foreshadowing my demise

Friday, November 27, 2009

It Is

It is this or that
Or that or this
Is she mad or sad
or is she sad he's missed
Is it right or wrong
or can some wrongs be right
Is there universal truth thoughts at night
Is nothing always something
and something sometimes nothing
Are all questions worth asking
Or should some be avoided
Is this anxiety or am am I paranoid
Is it this or is it that
Choices,Decisions, Chance

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Fear to change or fail to change
Still the same I play the game
Snow drops melt in storm drains
Evaporation reflects tears cleared from face
Running in place backwards sloth pace
Progress is patience
"Discontent is the first step"
Oscar Wilde said it best
Inhale each breathe
Forward march each step

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

All at Once

Stress grow from a cyst pool of anxiety
Inside of me a monster lurking fighting me
My shadow is also around I can’t shake him
Fluorescent darkness represents my fluid mind
Intelligent yet cynical then carefree blissful
All at once
Uncertain whose side I’ll take
All at once
One more heartache, I’m bound to break
All at once
These stomping grounds are scattered with snakes
All at once
It begins to build
All at once
These emotions will not yield
All at once

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Brunette in White Clothing

Brown eyes with the depth of earth's soil

Worldly with youthful exuberance

Breathless in an earnest trance

Light reflecting off olive oil skin

Spoken word amiss in a silence of echos

A moment held on to with unwavering eyes

Simple, unplanned, unforgettable

The return of savory feeling apprised

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Runner

Shortness of breath
The hustle of leaves
Move swiftly while the wind blows beneath
Urgency sensed as the pavement patters
Shadow in pursuit of a stranger, the latter
Eyes distant as the teeth chatter
Forward progress ahead
Limbs question existence
Going the distance

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Tears taste bitter as the moonlight shimmers

Flashes of false hope reminisce of November

Past tense spoken in present presenting recollection of disaster

Flirting with pride and kissing the hands of the master

Puppet strings misguided self-esteem

If only my life were as in my dreams

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Folds bends breaks takes
Life folds knife take
Deafening deflection
Succumbing to lessons
Life bends we take
We fold we break
Swimming swans sirrcle
Paper planes
Hear a roar
Reality a bore
Boars rectangular
Shoulders angular
Frame flat space obtuse
Square footloose
Finger bleeds
Paper died
While at the same time alive

Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Silent Heart Beats

Hands loose grip
Loyalty in question
Waters rush the brim of the storm wall
Nervous laugher filled with uncertainty
An uncertain me standing against nothing at all
Enemy is eluding me until I see a reflection
Mirrored stranger unkempt hair, neglection
Arguments and shouts shatter windows of fragile eyes
Fragile lies leave fragments of feelings at her feet
Swimming in a puddle of tears
A silent heart beats

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Purpose of Blog

Let the ink BLEED onto the looseleaf of my notepad
Hip to the hop, leap, skip, onto the lilly pad in my mind
Anguish, pain, releases like blood loss
Love lost, tough loss
Reflection, depression, celebration
Sedentary sediments, sentiments withheld
Expressed stress released from within

Drew Breezzy 9/12/09