Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Conversation with John Reuben

So yeah..

I got into an argument with a man named John Reuben
He said "I have no opinion" I said "Fair enough"
Been there before
No use in beating a broken down door
I asked of slippers, dreams and pumpkin carriages
He laughed, he wouldn't hear of it
I asked if he knew of a woman named Alice
Who enraged the Queen of my Heart causing malice
He grins, I smile, then shakes his head
I asked if he knew of a maiden with snow white skin
He says yeah she hasinsomnia my friend
Puzzled I reply "a lot on her mind?"
You should know though its been some time
Forced laughter erupts like a cuprunneth over
I understand
standing weary feeling the hands of father time on my shoulder
I asked if he knew a southern Belle
He said yes but she is broken like Liberty Bell
Oh well "do you know of a women of stature
With sapphire eye and an evergreen smile?"
"No, but I knew a witch until a house came down and killed that bitch"

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