Monday, June 7, 2010

Bruised Thoughts

Living in the moment, will leave you jaded when you can't hold it
Picture it, when you have no pictures to touch and make reflections
Searching for souls with a handout reaching for that connection
Sleepless nights got me thinking about a lot about depression
Like what does it take for me to be content with every breathe
No more fantasizing about death, drive a car off a bridge
Never serious, though if you were ever there then you'd know just how it is
Grown but still as kids, heart know no misses, hands covered in blisters
Trying to tear these curtains into pieces, only to peer behind and find
The wizard of Oz is mirage, just false hope, time to realize
Only magic can be found in the man and the mirrors eyes
Or true love which in disguise will lead you to your demise
You can fall like some of the guys or begin your rise
You can fall
You can fall
Bruises and broken bones

You can fall
You can fall
But you'll never be alone

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