Saturday, November 6, 2010

boXed in.

I feel entrapped in, this world we are wrapped in
Placed in a box, I can't leave but they can enter
I can hear my inner voice clapping
While a chorus of boos is just my depression's reaction
To the positive fashion of which my ego has fastened
He envies my happiness, says it is not happening
But from nightmares I wake up to dreams
And from night terrors I wake up to screams
What does this all mean?
If life is but a dream, I'm on shits creek without a paddle
But I don't focus on energy on things beyond my control
I just keep moving forward, you just have to let them go
To all the friends I have lost, your true colors were starting to show
You can throw dirt on a diamond but in the right light it is gunna glow

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