Monday, May 10, 2010

If I Died Tomorrow

If I died tomorrow
Waking up to just another day
Aches in my hands pop pills relieve pain
Turn on the light box half asleep in one sock
Trying to forget the tale last night’s dreams brought
If I died tomorrow
Would it be on my couch, overdose of medication
I thought it was one pill, not seven doused
Or would it be from an accidental mistake
Guardian angel overhead appeared but it was too late
If I died tomorrow
Would anyone show sorrow
Besides my mother who told me we are on time borrowed
Speaking in tongues Lord why did you take him
He was too young first and eldest son not even 21
If I died tomorrow
I’d have a lot of questions
Like did I take my own life as a result of depression
Did I suffer to the point of mercy
Why did God finally want to immerse me
If I died tomorrow
And the world stopped spinning
Would I then get your attention
Would you pause and pray for a minute
Or would you just forget him

In my final hours will lights flash
In my final hours will my night past
In my final hours will I turn into ash
In my final hours I won’t last
In my final hours will I transcend to the stars
In our final hours will they remember who we are
In our final hours will we regret all we have done
In my final hours I will have known I am one

If I died tomorrow
How would yall react
Would y'all paint the walls black
Grief and mourning the next morning
Tears drop from faces porcelain 
Like its storming through their cracked pupils
Emotions over take them like a hijacker
Feel the rush like a linebacker
Hold em back like cuticles, just hold em
 If I died tomorrow
Who anyone notice ? Would they believe that I wrote this
Would they see how I viewed the world as my opus
Or just forget yeah right live goes on
But this is the last you’ll hear from me 
If I died tomorrow

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