Monday, May 17, 2010


Awaken to raindrops on a sleepy window still
Wondering if sometimes God cries like a widow mourning still
Got my eyes hazed wondering if I'd woken up
Wonder how much could change if I had only spoken up

Shoulders work like coat hangers keep my clothing up
You can't control how people perceive you don't give a, hush
They will believe what they want no matter what you tell them
So I don't speak, actions echo like I am yelling

Looking to test new waters, Ferdinand Magellan
But this Columbus compass has me anchor sailing
They say the best discoveries are made by mistake
So I take the long way home, driving by the lake

Driving by her house, I'm driven by fate
I wish that we still did conversate
My life is marred by a series of wrong decisions
Feeling conned by fate, maybe I just never listened

Well now I'm all ears, patience has been purgatory
I've been locked in a room with my thoughts, sharing stories
Speaking to myself, body colliding with padded walls
Ball and chains make it to where I can't stand at all

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