Thursday, April 22, 2010


In the company of others feeling so distant
This canopy of identity depends on whom I've been with
 I'm a chameleon changing in an instant
With dreams to make a million and burn it like some incense
They say I succumb to too much pressure
Sorting through the jewelry, I left upon my dresser
Looking for my chain, I hope it does impress her
Cause its the only heart I got and to Cupid I'm the jester 
Now, I'm saying more with the lesser
Unsure, insecure, I guess, I’m a guesser
A guest in my friend’s place of residence
Residue on my money wondered where it’s spent
Ain’t it funny this ain’t how we planned it
Life so off course I coulda sworn I’d crash-landed
On another planet, cash in hand granted
And I admit I past I had been taking it for granted
Now hitting rock bottom laying face down in granite

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