Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Boars

I find myself in a rotting wooden shack in the middle of a forest.
Surrounded by a wild boar with rabbit like nose.
Which is moving like a rinocerous, charging the dilapidated shack.
                                I stand in the center.
The boar is waiting at the large opening to my left where a door should be. To the right there she is.
And behind her is another opening identical to the one on the left.
I pause, surprised to see her here in the mist of this situation.
Light reflecting through the holes in the weathered roof appear to create a halo around her head.
Funny, there she is with this spotlight of natural light on her.
She shyly smiles, keeping her lips pursed.
I move in a dazed like state, taking one step in her direction.
Then I slightly frown.
And stare at the boar standing right behind her, now on the right side of the shack.
I quickly turn around, rushing to the opening in the left side of the shack.
A second boar is there blocking the opening.
I look back to her.
She is no longer there.
So here I stand between two boars.

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