Tuesday, October 19, 2010

beautiful face.

Who would have known such a beautiful face could cause such misery?
Memories, memories, surprised that you still remember me
No verbal communication but your eyes they say enough
Furtive lips frown through smiles, pain don't it let it show
Feelings found abandoned in the crevice of a broken heart
Planted like a seed as a reminder that love still exists
Somewhere inside behind a wall of security, insecurities
Temptations, lust, and lies
Life becomes so superficial
What ever happened to conversations about nothingness?
Remembering every detail, 
Phone rings,
Your voice,
Soothing, but I can't breathe well
Lone dreams,
Your face,
So sweet, but I can't sleep well
Who would have ever thought seeing you look so lovely would be hell?

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