Friday, October 29, 2010

Missing Hearts

It's hard to find the pulse of a heartbeat when your whole heart is missing.
You have wholeheartedly searched for it many times in the faces of possible flames that were always quickly extinguished without hesitation.
While you enjoy playing with fire, no fires have set a blaze the candle inside your esophagus.
Her soft lips are the gateway to conversation and possibly a soft kiss.
She holds your heart in her palms halfheartedly and deservingly so.
You once broke into her heart even though she would have given you the key.
Then you made the mistake to run and leave like a coward; when your approval meant most.
To be fair, your judgment had been victim of gossip from the glossed lips of the guilty third parties in question.
To follow one's mind in area of affairs was an error when surely you must have known this was a matter of two hearts.
When two hearts break, tears leave the eyes of angelic faces.
When two hearts break, the stars are no longer in alignment.
When two hearts break, Cupid is responsible cleaning up the pieces.
When two hearts are truly meant to be side by side like a locket as one; they will continue looking for the missing half, even after the aftermath of love forced trauma.
Is it only after the heart breaks that then the heart is capable of finding another mate to mend it back together.

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