Sunday, October 24, 2010

Simple Life.

When ever did life become so simple?
Wondering about partying. 
Social scenes I was never in before I am starring in.
Hopeless scenes surrounding the lead actor as the film rolls.
The price we pay for happiness sometimes has it's grim toll.
And my thin soul, is etching out emotions as if were a pencil.
Numbness mutes the thought behind every detail.
My only escape can be purchased through every retail.
Searching for love, I only I mean well with every female.
I have never regretted anything I've done, just what I haven't.
And the faces reflecting in my eyes could be in beauty pageants.
But their looks are deceiving just like some mannequins.
Morality questions if I'll join the dark side like Anakin.
They tell me that I can't win.
I am my only friend.
Life is but a dream, when I wake up does it end?

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