Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Young women making big mistakes, another unplanned baby
They out living wild, like most single ladies
But they are only 18, so they heed no consequence
And they are only 18, so no condoms meant
The summer spent indoors with no bikinis'
My mind is spent trying to make sense of all these things
Girl I could have married, the one up in my dreams?
No probably not, but she could have came close, doors close
Others open, but we don't always like we find, behind 
Girl let me ease your mind, unwind, like some cassette tapes
Was it really worth it? Tell me was the sex great?
I know no one's perfect and I would always text late
You sure came close, it's a shame we had never date
They got me on a guilt trip like I put you in this position
If I told you I had fallen for you would you ever listen?

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